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A Sudden Epiphany: Do You Know Your Meetings Don’t Have to Suck?

A Sudden Epiphany: Do You Know Your Meetings Don’t Have to Suck?

Sometimes, realisations come out of the blue, and in this case it was a big one: People are sitting in bad meetings because they don’t know that they don’t have to be!

Meetings Can Be Better!

We’ve recently been crafting ways and means to help people improve their corporate meetings, such as video coaching and our Meetings Coach™. It’s one of our passions, because we believe that meetings should be a place for creativity and stimulation, not something to dread.

Even if You Don’t Know There’s a Solution

And then, suddenly, while discussing how best to offer this help to the people who need it, we realised that very few people will ever seek to be helped, because they aren’t aware that boring meetings are a fixable problem.

Something Must Be Done About It

Can it really be true that we all assume unproductive, dull and painfully long meetings are a fact of life? What a terrible state of affairs, for all concerned. For the organisations throwing away money paying for their employees to waste time, and for the employees whose time is being wasted. Something must clearly be done about it…


About the Author:

Laura M. Waite and Collin Lyons are the duo of business productivity coaches behind Flowmotion. For people in the office world who want to feel the buzz, Flowmotion is an enterprise that will awaken your passion for work. To address the all-too-typical experience of unenergetic working lives, our mission is to redesign how people interact with their environment to generate engaging, productive and collaborative atmospheres and organisations. We share several decades of experience providing organisational transformation and executive coaching and have worked with small, medium, large and global organisations including: British Telecom, British Petroleum, Standard Life Assurance and Investments, British Gas/Centrica, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Allied Irish Bank and the UK Government.
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