About Us

Laura Waite and Collin Lyons are the directors of Flowmotion, a venture focused on generating cultural change within large and global organisations in order to deliver immediate and lasting benefits. We share more than 25 years of experience of successfully delivering organisational transformation; coaching, mentoring and training; and coaching for delivery performance across project, programme and portfolio management.

Laura has been working as a Lean and Agile coach for more than half of her career, which spans two decades. Her specialty is organisational transformation – helping groups of all sizes make lasting, effective change. She has amassed a great deal of experience in teaching people to work differently, applying a fusion of powerful techniques, such as Lean and Agile. Her emphasis is on humanity, active engagement and delivering value, bringing an energetic approach, full of humour and celebration. She has worked with Fortune and FTSE 100 companies on projects employing hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. A natural coach and thought leader, Laura sees a problem and takes action. She is passionate about changing the world, one step at a time, to a more positive, less complicated way of working.

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Collin has worked in Information Technology for more than two decades and was motivated, after witnessing colossal failures caused by badly initiated change, to find a better way of working, for himself and for others. His focus is on quality and delivering results, applying his high-energy, engaging personality to his coaching style. Like Laura, he is by nature Lean- and Agile-minded, so finds it easy and rewarding to help other people understand the benefits. He has spent the last 10 years working with Fortune and FTSE 100 organisations, playing virtually all roles in the development lifecycle. Approachable and empathetic, his clients describe him as fun, easy to work with and an energising force within a team.

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Flowmotion is a partnership of minds and experience that makes working with us profitable as well as enjoyable. Our goal with Flowmotion is to revive the lost art of collaboration, something we believe is in our nature as human beings but is all too often ignored when it comes to working life.

For more than a decade, we have helped large organisations improve their bottom line by reducing the time it takes to move from the birth of an idea to the delivery of business value. We have been engaged as business productivity coaches, lean and agile coaches, mentors, Scrum masters, executive coaches, business analysts, project managers, programme managers and product strategists as well as trainers, speakers and facilitators.