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Asking For Outcomes To Decide On Your Participation

Asking For Outcomes To Decide On Your Participation
In the first tip of this theme, we showed you how to discover what the Outcome of the meeting should be before the meeting. It’s an invaluable technique if you’re the one arranging the meeting, or have had a chance to contribute to deciding the Meeting Outcome, but what if you’re on an invite list and you’re not sure whether you want to go?

To get where you want to go, ask for Outcomes to decide your participation

Keep an open mind
Before you decide you’re not needed at a meeting, consider that you might have been invited for reasons that are not immediately obvious. Try to suspend any assumptions as to why the invite was sent.
Enquire how you might add value
Contact the meeting organiser, or the other attendees, to find out what value they saw you bringing to the Outcome of the meeting. For example, you might consider saying something like, “I’m trying to prioritise this meeting against some other work. Could you tell me how you saw me contributing to the intended Meeting Outcome?”
Decide your participation and share your conclusion
Once you’ve received their feedback, decide if, and how, you wish to participate, which could be in many forms. You could choose to participate for only the sections relevant to you, for example, or be ‘on call’ if your specific input is needed, or send your thoughts by email instead of attending in person. Be sure to share your conclusion with the rest of the group.

Give it a Try

We’ve heard many a grumble from clients who’ve been invited to meetings they didn’t feel they needed to attend. This technique gives you the power to investigate beforehand whether you should be there - no more grumbles necessary!

How did it work for you? We’d love to hear your experiences with asking for Meeting Outcomes to decide your participation, and we’re happy to help if you have queries - give us a call, drop us a line or leave a comment below!

Why Does it Work?

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