Delivering Real Results with Lean & Agile (Training Retreat)

Learn How to Bring Ideas into Reality Quickly

Applying Lean & Agile techniques in your working environment will allow you to bring an idea into reality, quickly – unleashing the ability to move swiftly from spending money to making money – no matter what industry you’re a part of.  By the time you complete this in-depth training course you will have invaluable knowledge, combined with practical application of dynamic techniques and a concrete action plan to return with and inspire a real difference in your workplace.

Why Should You Take this Course?

Relish in the view from the Hot Tub during this Lean & Agile Training Retreat

With the myriad of different working environments out there, it’s difficult for traditional training courses to go deeper than just explaining the theory.  We’re different.  As consultant coaches who run our own businesses and who have helped small and medium-sized enterprises as well as global organisations such as BP (British Petroleum), BT (British Telecom), and the UK Government improve their bottom lines, we bring something special – we have the ability to translate theory into real results.

We’ve used our years of experience in running businesses and delivering training courses to hone an extremely effective, hands-on, training course that allows you to deliver real results with Lean & Agile not just after the course, but during it too.

What’s in it for You?

Enjoy fireside feasts during the training retreat at this lovely Muskoka Cottage (Trenanthia Cottage)

You will actually begin the transition to a Lean & Agile way of working during the course. Designed as part- training course, part- active coaching workshop, by the end of the training you will understand the theory, know how to practically apply that theory, and you will have created a plan of action for what will be done and how to achieve it in your own working environment.

Our objective is for you to deliver real, tangible, important results in your job.  To allow you to focus on the learning – removed from your day-to-day working demands – you will spend 5 days in a gorgeous, lakeside cottage in scenic Muskoka, Canada, with home-cooked meals, two wood-burning fireplaces, on-site massages, and a Hot Tub for unwinding in the evening. This unique retreat will give you ample time to reflect on, and find solutions to your work concerns.

Accommodation, meals and transportation to and from downtown Toronto and Toronto Pearson Airport, fees and taxes are all included.

Having shelved many projects part way through, I believe that if we’d known the value of this way of working we could have changed our perspectives & priorities to be successful. Thank you for opening my eyes!–Sean K., London, England

Thoughtful, provoking & enjoyable – very good presentation of a subject that you clearly have a passion for!–Alex R.,Toronto, Canada

Laura is very engaging, great listening skills, and extremely knowledgeable.–Serena L., Dublin, Ireland

Probably the best presentation I have ever attended – totally brilliant!–Lynsey G., Edinburgh, Scotland

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Equipped with her energetic coaching style, punctuated with humour and celebration, your course will be taught by international Business Productivity Coach, and Director of Flowmotion, Laura Waite.

If you’re interested, you can read an interview to find out what delivering this course means to Laura.

Course Outline

What’s important to you?

This course is designed for you to deliver real results. With that in mind, shortly after you set foot in the cottage Laura will unearth what you need from the course, any questions and comments you have, and what results you wish to deliver in your working environment.  She will then adjust the exercises, discussions and workshops to address your needs.

What is Lean & Agile? (Theory)

You will engage in an interactive exercise designed to provide an understanding of the foundations of Lean & Agile – everything you need to understand to be able to successfully apply the concepts and the first steps to ingraining this new way of working.

How do you do Lean & Agile? (Practical)*

You will be involved in a series of in-depth exercises that layout how to get results and Laura will outline what needs to be done, when and by whom to be successful.  This will include application of powerful Lean & Agile concepts including:

Flowmotion style training - Fun and Brilliant!

  • Compelling planning techniques to deliver outcomes quickly such as evolutionary and iterative delivery, iteration planning, release planning, progress tracking and visibility, definition of done, sizing, relative estimation, velocity, planning poker, running planning sessions (or games), backlogs, burn charts, “the wall”, task boards, and kanban boards
  • Techniques for focusing on creating the “right thing at the right time” such as the principle of value, project charters, visioning, goals, personas, user stories, story-splitting, 3C’s, invest and backlog grooming
  • Capabilities to ensure that you achieve the best outcome possible such as the principle of quality, frequent delivery, collective ownership, collaboration, team rooms, facilitation, pairing, refactoring, automation, test driven design (TDD), acceptance testing, unit testing, refactoring, continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Skills for identifying and removing non-value-adding activities from your working patterns such as the principle of flow, definition of waste (“muda”), error-proofing (“poka-yoke”), eliminating unevenness (“mura”), reducing overburden (“muri”), simplicity and value stream mapping
  • Techniques for finding problem areas and embedding continuous improvements such as regular feedback, retrospectives (heartbeat, milestone and custom), stand ups, scrums, scrum of scrums, and show & tell’s

How do you do Lean & Agile in your environment? (Application)

Laura will coach you to successfully apply these techniques in a series of facilitated workshop sessions where you will determine where, and how, you can actively apply the techniques you’ve learned.  She will assist in creating a plan of action for what will be done and how to achieve it. You will actively begin the transition to a Lean & Agile way of working during these sessions.

Are you ready to kick it?

Since this course is designed for you to deliver real results, Laura will have adjusted the course content to meet your needs.  In order to ensure that you’re clear on what you will do differently with your newfound knowledge, she will round up the training by returning to your initial questions and comments, and thoroughly reflecting on the results you’ve decided to deliver in your working environment.

* Through breakout sessions, topics will be introduced at a level appropriate to you when it comes to technical prowess. In other words, if you don’t understand technology, no need to worry – Laura will introduce the important concepts in an accessible manner. And if you do understand technology, also no need to worry – as a software developer herself, she’ll introduce the important concepts with the depth of information you require.

Course Details

What: Training Retreat on Delivering Real Results with Lean & Agile

Where: Just outside of Toronto, Canada in a gorgeous lakeside cottage

Who: Owing to its hands-on nature, this course is designed for those in any role in an organisation, as well as for people who work alone as independents or entrepreneurs. It is suitable regardless of whether you are in a product or service delivery environment.

How Much: $2,795 CAD ($2,795 USD, £1,750 GBP, €2,150 EUR) Course fees include accommodation, home-cooked meals prepared in the cottage itself and transportation to and from downtown Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport, all taxes and fees.

When: Monday to Friday – Contact Us for dates

Do you have questions about this training course? Laura and the rest of the Flowmotion team are here to help …

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