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Discover Meeting Outcomes Together During the Meeting

Discover Meeting Outcomes Together During the Meeting
Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shown you how to create compelling Meeting Outcomes and how to focus on achieving them. But what if you would like the input of the rest of your group or team to help you decide what the Meeting Outcome should be? There’s a way to do this that will simultaneously garner support and enthusiasm from the whole group: deciding the Outcome together, during the meeting.

To get where you want to go, decide your Outcome during the meeting

Individually brainstorm a potential Outcome
As the meeting begins, ask everyone to spend 3 minutes individually brainstorming a potential Meeting Outcome: a brief description of what the group will make, decide or generate during the meeting.
Consolidate the Meeting Outcome in small, and then big, groups
If you have a group larger than 5 people, break into small groups of 2-5 people and share the Outcomes everyone brainstormed individually. Allocate 3 minutes to this. Have each group then spend 5 minutes consolidating each member’s input and creating a Shared Outcome. Now, come back together as a full group and visually present the Shared Outcomes; allocate 3 minutes to doing this. You might, for example, scribble them on a flip chart or a whiteboard. Finally, as a full group, spend 5 minutes consolidating that input and... presto! You have a single, group-decided Meeting Outcome.
Invite everyone to decide on their participation
Now that the Meeting Outcome is clear, and everyone has participated in discovering it, invite everyone who is interested in achieving the Outcome to stay for the rest of the meeting, and allow those who are not to leave.

Give it a Try

Groups who have newly come together, for a new project or to create a new department, have found this technique an inspirational way to consolidate their initial disparate goals. Even groups who have worked together for years have told us it’s energised them to get where they need to go!

How did it work for you? We’d love to hear your experiences with deciding on Meeting Outcomes as a group, and we’re happy to help if you have queries - give us a call, drop us a line or leave a comment below!

Why Does it Work?

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