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Our Philosophy is Fishing Rods for Everyone

Our Philosophy is Fishing Rods for Everyone

At Flowmotion, we don’t believe in just introducing methodologies: we believe in also helping people achieve different ways of thinking. Every methodology – be it Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DSDM, XP or any other – can be considered flawed in some way, not least because you can’t design a methodology for every scenario.

A New Way of Thinking

If, on the other hand, you arm people with the principles applicable to a new way of thinking and behaving, that can be adapted to any situation, you make a change to their lives and work that is fundamentally more powerful than the steps in a methodology could ever be. Empower people to choose a more productive, more fulfilling and, ultimately, more successful way of achieving results and you’ve made an actual difference to their working lives.

Remember the saying, “Give a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day; teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime”? Very true in this situation.

However, as I’m sure many of you are already saying to yourselves, “Principles are still principles. If all you do is introduce them to us, we won’t know when and where to apply them to take advantage of what you’re telling us – principles are too vague and woolly”.

Go Fishing with Flowmotion

This would be true if all we did was provide a traditional training course that lasts for 2 days and, basically, plonks a kipper in your lap and leaves you to it. All we would have time to do would be to introduce the principles, explain how to apply them a bit in limited scenarios and then wave goodbye and wish you luck.

Flowmotion Training: Teach Everyone To Fish

Thankfully, we don’t work that way at Flowmotion. We coach you for a small amount of time, introduce you to one principle, guide you to utilise it in your own, real workspace and then exit stage left to give you time to get used to that new way of thinking and, consequently, working.

Once you’ve had the time and space to reflect, we come back to guide you through the next principle, in the same way, all the while making sure you stay on track with every principle you’re working to engrain. We adjust your thinking one step at a time, and help you make sure the change sticks.

And so, our philosophy at Flowmotion will always be: fishing rods for everyone.


About the Author:

Laura M. Waite and Collin Lyons are the duo of business productivity coaches behind Flowmotion. For people in the office world who want to feel the buzz, Flowmotion is an enterprise that will awaken your passion for work. To address the all-too-typical experience of unenergetic working lives, our mission is to redesign how people interact with their environment to generate engaging, productive and collaborative atmospheres and organisations. We share several decades of experience providing organisational transformation and executive coaching and have worked with small, medium, large and global organisations including: British Telecom, British Petroleum, Standard Life Assurance and Investments, British Gas/Centrica, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Allied Irish Bank and the UK Government.
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