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Focus on Achieving an Outcome

Focus on Achieving an Outcome
In last week’s tip, we showed you how to drive your meetings by coming up with compelling Meeting Outcomes, something that can be key to achieving a productive meeting because it ensures that you are engaging the right people, on the right problem. Of course, once you have your Meeting Outcome sorted, keeping your attendees focused on it is just as vital to making sure that you achieve it!

To get where you want to go, keep everyone focused on the Outcome

Make the Meeting Outcome visible to everyone
Once you’ve decided on your Outcome, make sure to visually and verbally share it with everyone in the meeting. It’s best in a prominent location and should remain there for the duration of the meeting, for all attendees to see.
Build an Agenda of activities
As a group, decide on an agenda of activities necessary to achieve the Outcome. This should represent the minimum amount of work that’s required to get where you want to go. If you have more than one Outcome to achieve, order them by importance and then focus on one at a time - determining the agenda for the most important Outcome and working your way through that agenda before determining the agenda for the next.
Achieving and Celebrating Meeting Outcomes
Pause to check your progress
At regular intervals throughout the meeting, pause your activities to check that the work you are doing is making progress towards achieving the Meeting Outcome.
Celebrate achieving the Meeting Outcome
At the end of the meeting, check whether you have achieved the Outcome you wanted to achieve. Be sure to celebrate that you have - perhaps a group “Woohoooo!” is in order, if that suits your environment!

Give it a Try

This technique is designed to complement last week’s tip and helps you further focus your efforts on achieving what you want to achieve during your meetings.

Did you get where you wanted to go? We’d love to hear your experiences with focusing on achieving Meeting Outcomes, and we’re happy to help if you have queries - give us a call, drop us a line or leave a comment below!

Why Does it Work?

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