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One Piece Flow: How to Make Money Quickly

One Piece Flow: How to Make Money Quickly

We’ve mentioned before that One Piece Flow is a different way of working that helps you generate returns quickly. Essentially, what that means is making money from what you’re doing sooner rather than later. In a financial climate where accelerating your revenue stream is more vital than ever, the importance of generating revenue early can’t be stressed too strongly – and the very best way we know of to do that is to use One Piece Flow to guide your workflow.

Making Money Quickly

Imagine a musical instrument company that wants to make 10 violins to sell. Would the best idea be for the team to make all the wooden pieces first, then do 10 sets of carving on the wood followed by 10 sets of finishing and varnishing, then string all 10? Eventually, after all that work, they’d have 10 lovely violins, ready to go on sale.

Wouldn’t it generate revenue more quickly (and therefore make more sense) if the team worked together to finish a single instrument and set it for sale, potentially finding a buyer for it before you’ve even finished putting the second one together? One Piece Flow is a way of ensuring that you have product available to your customers at the first possible opportunity – without product available, you have nothing to make money from, and that’s not a good position for any company to be in.

The Importance of Cash Flow

Using One Piece Flow to Craft Violins

Most organisations, large or small, can only go so long without generating an revenue before the back-up cash starts to run dry. It’s not just fulfilling to see your ideas begin to pay dividends, it’s absolutely vital for them to start generating returns. Team members need to be paid, costs must be met and materials have to be bought; a fundamental need, for any business, is the cash flow to keep doing all these things.

If, for instance, you decide to wait until you have all 10 violins completed before you present them to the public, will you have enough in the piggy bank to cover your costs while you wait for the customers to start arriving? If, on the other hand, you’ve already sold five of them before the last one meets the varnishing brush, you’re in a much stronger financial position to start working on the rest of the strings section.

Increasing Revenue Generation

Using One Piece Flow to Generate Cash Early

One Piece Flow is a small change to the way your team works, but it’s one that can mean the difference between success and a round of redundancies. We’ve said it before, but it warrants repeating: with One Piece Flow, there are no steps to follow, there’s no behaviour pattern to remember, just a new mindset that allows you to approach problem-solving from a different angle. It’s one that’s easier, more productive and more fulfilling and, ultimately, increases your potential to generate revenue exponentially.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could beat the credit crunch just by making our lives a whole lot easier?


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Laura M. Waite and Collin Lyons are the duo of business productivity coaches behind Flowmotion. For people in the office world who want to feel the buzz, Flowmotion is an enterprise that will awaken your passion for work. To address the all-too-typical experience of unenergetic working lives, our mission is to redesign how people interact with their environment to generate engaging, productive and collaborative atmospheres and organisations. We share several decades of experience providing organisational transformation and executive coaching and have worked with small, medium, large and global organisations including: British Telecom, British Petroleum, Standard Life Assurance and Investments, British Gas/Centrica, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Allied Irish Bank and the UK Government.
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